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Who we are

Blaumad is a swim and beachwear company based in Barcelona, founded in 2012 by two associates: Angels Lara and Montserrat Verdu. With years of experience in the swim and beachwear market and production, they started their own house with the idea of proposing creative collections to brands and retailers in bespoke styles, meeting the client’s best expectations and needs.
Barcelona and Blaumad have the Mediterranean beachwear culture and artisanal tradition as well as modern industrial know-how.
Honesty, spontaneity, creativity and quality are the key words guiding the house of Blaumad, where a growing team shares those values with passion.

How we do it?

At Blaumad we design all of our fabrics, shapes, prints and colors in our own trendy style and only for our clients. Our creativity is shown in our exclusive prints, often hand drawn for true style and patterns, and also in our special fabrics and shapes.


We use only the best materials and fabrics from European manufacturers as well as our own weavers, doing special and exclusive fabrics for our clients.


With our knowledge and experience of the feminine body we do our own shapes and forms for the best fit and perfect fashion allure.


We carefully cut and sew our samples and prototypes to present you the best swim and beachwear in the market.


We love our swimwear, we passionately like our products and we have a strong desire to give our clients the best of us.